SBR Series

  • Compact design
  • Integral covers to prevent incidental contact with live resistors.
  • High Power and Excellent Load Life Stability
  • Flying Leads
  • Standard or custom designed
  • Compact and economical
  • Enclosed, open banks or loose coils
  • Strongly Resistant to Moisture, Solvent and Insulation
  • Excellent Short Time Overload Both Standard Winding and Non-Inductive Type Winding are Available
  • Suitable for any make of drive


The resistive element is a low ppm resistance wire that is wound on a special grade porcelain tube. The terminals have fully welded construction to provide a good mechanical and electrical contact. The assembly is embedded in the aluminum casing. The aluminum casing is made from high quality heat sink grade material, which helps to dissipate the heat from the resistor at the faster rate resulting low change of resistance with respect to temperature, as resistance varies in direct proportion to temperature. The casing is filled with high purity and special silica sand to extract the heat from the resistor body at the slower rate. The conduction of heat thorough the sand brings uniform heat to the aluminum casing for further dissipation. This protects the panels from being heated internally. Terminal contacts are provided with the screw arrangement for easy wiring.

Physical Dimension in MM   

General specifications

Operating Temp. -55°C - +275°C
Insulation Resistance 20MΩ minimum
Dielectric Strength AC 1000V + (rated voltagex2) minimum
Short Time Over Load ± [2% + 0.05 Ω] 60W:5x power rating (5 sec); 60 to 4000W:10x power rating (5 sec.)
Moisture resistance ± [3% + 0.05 Ω] temp 40°C, 95% RH, DC100V case to terminal (500 hours)
Thermal Shock ± [2% + 0.05 Ω] power rating 30min. -25°C, 15min
Vibration ± [1% + 0.05 Ω] 10Hz-55Hz-10Hz (1 minute) 2 hours each direction.
Load Life ± [5% + 0.05 Ω] power rating 1.5 h On, 30 minutes off, 1000 hours


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